The Benning Road Bridges and Transportation Improvements Project begins theis advancing final design phase to complete final engineering final engineering design plans for the corridor. DDOT continues to coordinate with and update key stakeholders and community groups as the design progresses from the 65% to 100% design phase.

A public meeting is held in February 2020 to provide an update on the project and preliminary design phase.

The final Environmental Assessment and the Finding of No Significant Impact is released in November 2020, closing out the preliminary design phase.

An interchange modification report (IMR) is completed for modifications made to the interchange of DC-295 and Benning Road NE.

The Benning Road Bridges and Transportation Improvements Project launches to begin preliminary design on the Build Alternative 2 from the draft Environmental Assessment to address FHWA comments.

A public meeting is held in September 2019 to provide an introduction to the project and the preliminary design phase.

A public open house is held to provide updates on the Environmental Assessment.

Phase 2 of the Minnesota Avenue Revitalization Project starts, which includes work at the intersection of Benning Road NE and Minnesota Avenue NE.

The Draft Environmental Assessment for the Benning Road Transportation Improvements Project is released for public review and comment.

A public hearing is held as part of the review period for the draft Environmental Assessment.

Public and agency comments are reviewed.

The moveDC Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan recommends Tier 1 capital investments for streetcar service to Benning Road Metrorail station as well as bridge rehabilitation and shared-use trail extension along Benning Road.

Benning Road Transportation Improvements Project begins, to prepare an Environmental Assessment of transportation improvements and potential impacts in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations (40 CFR 1500-1508), and the FHWA’s Environmental Impact and Related Procedures (23 CFR 771).

Project alternatives—or transportation solutions—are developed and a public meeting is held to solicit feedback on proposed alternatives.

The DC Transit Future System Plan recommends the addition of modern streetcar service to the multimodal transportation network serving the District of Columbia. Among the recommended routes is a streetcar line between Georgetown and Benning Road Metrorail station.